Strength in Simplicity

Simplicity in art brings with it an immense strength, and the more powerful the subject matter of that art, the more overwhelming it becomes in its simplest form....

(photo - Donald Kinney)

 Here is a sculpture by George Segal -  Holocaust Memorial at California Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco.

The holocaust subject matter deserves the utmost respect, and needs little further comment, what is striking is the way all the emotions are so intensely conveyed by such a simple piece.


This piece portrays the difficulties of finding true love, the endless, often fruitless search for the one that unlocks the heart. The keys depict the relationships that did not fulfil, the people that did not bring the love desired...and as the heart continues the search, and life goes by, the heart remains empty, un-fulfilled, lonely in a crowd...

The centre piece is made from a solid billet of steel, sculpted by hand to shape the heart, and hammered over its entire surface to give the warm, evocative surface finish. The key escutcheon is pewter, riveted in place over the key hole.The keys themselves come from many months of collecting, and waiting for the elements to age them.