The last mushroom...

So, after a beer bottle opener in various guises followed by a corkscrew, one would be forgiven for assuming I have a drink problem. Well, to prove otherwise, here is the last of the "Useful Mushroom" range.

These salt and pepper pots are made in a similar fashion to the previous entries and the set finish off the range.....for now. It's been a lot of fun, and a huge challenge to machine and produce. The bases, as before are turned from solid stainless, bead blasted, electro-polished and engraved, and the tops are turned from solid red nylon. What with all that, plus adding the "spots" and infilling the lettering, they've taken a lot of effort to complete....worth it though, they look great on the table.

I have had other suggestions, appreciated of course (keep them coming) - these are filed for a future return but I have other more poignant works in mind that I really must start working on. 

Soon to be on my web site as a limited edition (I only have 4 pairs) so if you want a set, grab one quick!

Selfish sculpture

This steel egg is a piece of work that I made entirely for myself.

The egg is another one of mother natures astounding shapes, seeming to convey solidity and softness in equal measures, with perfect simplicity and beauty. However, despite this, to almost everyone this piece is largely meaningless – the turning of the solid stainless billet deserves some credit perhaps, but other than that, it really has no significance at all.

However, my surname is Steel, and I am soon to be blessed with my first child, and for that alone this is possibly the most personally significant piece I've ever represents my unborn son in his womb.

It will feature on the website in due course.