Things to do with fruit before making jam

This was more accidental than contrived, resulting from experimenting with taking photos with a new Nikon Coolpix and trying to get focal point and shutter speed settings right for future web site work.

Clearly another homophone (see “String Theory" earlier in the blog, and the page for this kind of humorous art on my web site) this is definitely a throw away piece, mainly because the plums will be turned into home made jam and eaten soon....

..couldn't resist it.

Urban Art

Here’s something I found entirely by accident on a walk recently.

It’s been painted in an abandoned and very derelict church in Bewdley, Worcestershire and the most striking element to me is that I immediately read it from right to left.

In this direction it conveys the impression of afterlife, re-birth, and surrounded by overgrown and fallen gravestones of some antiquity, bought peace and poignancy to death – despite its garish colours and vivid imagery I was somehow calmed by its image.

Whoever painted it needs applause, its brave, especially considering the location and its somehow arresting, it stopped me in my tracks…..question is, was it meant to be read in this direction or is it meant to convey the route from youth to death…a real example of how art can be interpreted in different ways.

There's plenty of examples of urban art in public spaces on the net,  and the temptation to create in a public space is obvious, these pieces get an audience that is in effect easy - the art is bought to the audience rather than the other way around so there's no persuasive media needed to have the piece seen.
However, whilst browsing through photos of derelict buildings on a derelict buildings web site I came across some urban art that fits a different mould altogether. On this site there are pieces of art that are simply fantastic, and yet, they are never seen except by trespassers, those in need of a  temporary home and the demolition crew .... these artists are creating work entirely for their own  pleasure, not influenced by a viewing public or customer commission .....

Is it true to say then that an artist is only truly free to create when there are no commercial, fashion or other external influences?

String Theory

There's a danger (perhaps) of becoming ridiculously addicted to The Big Bang Theory. Those who know me know I'm a huge fan of humorous art. The effects of too much Sheldon Cooper can be seen in this, my latest work, titled simply “String Theory” - it is simply that, a formula made from string.

Playing with the homophone theme again (you can see how I've played with humour before with the "Nut and Bolt" piece in the Perspective page on my website) this will end up in the same section in due course. That said, this is almost a piece of throw away art....
    make - record – smile – dispose

….it's a little bit like listening to a comedian I suppose, take the joke in, enjoy the humour and then seek out the next one …. I will be doing more along the same lines in the future (although perhaps not all will be throw away) ….there are ideas a' brewing..

I'm no physicist you understand, but I'm fairly sure this is a genuine string theory equation; if anyone can explain it in simple terms I'd be fascinated

Lord knows what my similarly unhealthy addiction to South Park might bring....

Some news

This blog is part of a long running overhaul of my sculpture website, and replaces the news page. Following on from this, we are having a nice new fresh look so new sculptures which will be on-line soon.
Previous news articles on the site include details of pieces, such as Understanding Evil, a series of three solid cast iron sculptural heads exploring the influence of evil in our lives. These heads were sand cast from temporary foam patterns and are life size – they had a summer on the festival circuit visiting Glastonbury and the like showing off flower garlands for a friend's business.
Also in previous articles is Guilt, a ceramic and steel sculpture that concentrates on this destructive emotion.
On a more light hearted note, the Walnut, a play on words. This is a very large stainless steel nut in a wooden frame, simply mounted on the wall. Adding an element of humour in a sculpture is a lot of fun for me, and it's something I have done on several occasions.

All can be seen in more detail on the web site – if you need further details just contact me

The Journey of a Ladybird

Sometimes I see things and just think sideways I spotted this little ladybird on the inside face of a smoking shelter at work…I guess the *A* is part of the identification for assembling the shelter....

It made me wonder if the ladybird ever found “B” and completed her journey, and where indeed *B* was...

Fruit tree

This I love…some good friends have had trouble lately with birds eating the fruit off their tree in the garden, so they wrapped the fruit in plastic bags to protect them. Not only does the fruit get looked after, it has it’s own mini greenhouse to help it ripen and a catch all so when ready they don’t get ruined by falling to the lawn…..

..what struck me (apart from the cute cleverness) was that here we all are, trying to be green and avoid the pitfalls and effects of buying from super-supermarkets…we toil by growing our own to make a difference and satisfy our concience, and we end up packaging it plastic anyway…there’s a deep sense of irony there for me.

Inspiring sculptures

There are some pieces of sculpture that to me at least are just awe inspiring.
THE one for me has to be the Big Blue Bear in Denver, Colorado by Lawrence Argent.

Sculpture generally inspires to the point of derivative. I have made my interpretation of The Kiss by Constantin Brancusi in stainless steel with some success, but that’s the point, it’s my version, a creation based on my understanding, moving the base piece onwards to a new audience with a new material and method. This is often how art progresses, each artist takes a concept to the next step, some steps large to the point of an entirely new piece, some more subtle, a more gentle progression of the original, and both approaches stimulating new interpretation and reaction along the way…. …what strikes me about this bear is that it’s perfect, it moves me like no other, annoys me as it’s so perfect, and no matter how much thought I give it, it satisfies me so much I am neither able nor willing to formulate a different interpretation. Check it out at

About me and my metal sculptures

Haich is an internet gallery for my pieces, some I would classify as genuine art, some more craft, and some as a kind of release for my surreal sense of humour.

Me? I’m just someone inspired by those more talented and that more beautiful. I have a 9-5 job like most, and try to squeeze in to everyday life the process of extrapolating what it is in my mind and creating the result as both time and finances allow…and, above all, I aim to enjoy it.

The key aspect is passion, every piece of art should make you think, draw feelings from your soul, whether it makes you shout with hatred or silences you with peace – if it does this it works. Everything I do I just do, from the thoughts and emotions within me – it may be right, it may be wrong, that’s more your call, I’d be very interested in your opinions.

So, here’s to entering the blogosphere…enjoy
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