Titled "Without", this piece is an interpretation, and a graphic representation, of the emotions of loss, in all its guises.

It's one of those ideas that has just somehow evolved from within me. The piece, I hope, is apt in a multitude of situations........the break up of a relationship, the parting of friends, the mourning process.....

....as without love, there is only confusion.

Designed to be wall mounted when finished, it's made of cast crystal glass and stainless steel. I am still debating the surface finish of the steel, I am torn between a dull grey or bright polished at present - the polished surface would denote the brightness of true love, the dull would evoke the opposite.

Look out for it on my website in a few weeks.

Man, nature and things on a beach

There is in me an underlying conviction that despite our best efforts to create artistic pieces of beauty, hours of work, study, thought and passion, nature will pop along and quietly trump us with a serene ease.

..to add some ammunition to the argument, here’s an item I picked up a beach in Wales…

It was once I think part of a bed head, although it immediately struck me as Aladdin’s lamp, with jewels over the body and a spout. Either way, nature has made a piece of human rubbish into a jewelled and beautiful object, oozing with colour, texture and light

On a different note, it’s so fragile that as it’s drying out it’s falling apart, in effect once withdrawn from nature it’s slowly dying, much the same as ourselves, the more disjointed from nature we become as a species, the less of a coherent species we become, which brings me on to a piece I’d love to do….

…it’s a series of a cast iron man, slowly emerging out of the ground, until finally he is completely separated from the earth, with the final man having fallen…..demonstrating that once mankind has become completely detached from nature, we will cease to be alive.

Love and Time

Here's a little piece I made recently, titled “Eternal”

It defines love and time, how, as everything else ages and changes around it, love itself doesn't alter, it remains as bright, strong and vivid as it did when conceived.

The piece is made in two parts, the stem is a piece of iron, found on a beach after a storm. It's corroded, heavily worn and slowly degrading – left outside as it is, it will eventuality disappear. This is life, ever changing, wearing us with age, changing us as each day passes. The heart, conversely, is hand forged from solid stainless steel, a material renowned for it's corrosive resistance, it's ability to withstand the forces of nature and its environment. This is love, never degrading, never weakened by life around it, continual.

It's quite simplistic, but none the less I quite like it. It speaks of the essence that is love. I have spoken in previous posts how hard it can be to draw emotion out into a sculpture, however, love is not an emotion, it's deeper than that, more like a state of being I think. Rather than try and portray this depth, the strength of feeling, the pain and the raw power, I've gone along an opposing path, depicting love in it's most simple transparent form.

Generally, a sculpture portrays it's meaning from its form, it's shape, texture and often it's placement – the material will of course have a bearing, but less so.

In this piece it's the materials more than the form that give it it's meaning – I'm not sure this is a common concept in sculpture, but it's one I think I would like to explore further.

"Eternal" can be seen on the website in the near future.