The Effect of Her

This piece is quite personal, and was created from a long and powerful emotion that led to a small idea which just kept growing inside me.

The heart is partially split, but the split line is that of a silhouette of a girl – you can interpret the piece however you want, has the girl has broken the heart, is she responsible for its repair, or perhaps it’s only her that can hold the heart together….

….for me, it’s all of those things, because she is my heart, simply by lying beside me….

The piece is solid stainless steel with the central split being wire eroded. The shaping and finishing of the heart is entirely by hand, and the piece is mounted on oak to provide a warm yet contrasting background and is wall hung.

Size 130mm x 150mm

Sit down and admire

The interaction of hard materials with natural products is one that continually impresses me.
I've mixed woods and metals in previous pieces (such as "Imprisoned" in the December '14 blog post) but here is and example from Uriel Natan Schwartz, who clearly understands the potential beauty of the combination...

Just perfect....

Titles for hammers

Here's a new piece that's really just a bit of fun, coming about from me wondering whether I could actually make it or not more than anything else...

It's seems to have a very British sense of humour about it - I had a lot of fun making it and oddly it seems to feel right in ones hand.

I've named it "Spammer" (for a lack of a better title!) .....a compliment to any tool box perhaps?!

Manufactured from a recycled vintage ball pein hammer, a similarly old adjustable spanner and a hickory shaft, all crafted together and liberally waxed and oiled....enjoy!

Open or shut

I love this....a wonderful example of man at his most stupid and at his most ingenious….

Stupid for not realising the incredibly complex lock was fitted to a somewhat weak door, ingenious for the lateral thinking in by-passing it 😊

Photo courtesy of 28-days later


....despair, cowardice, fear or trust...?

Another blessing.

....and then there was two....

...and so a change to the sculpture created 2 years ago, with a new egg to sit beside the first, again turned on a lathe in solid stainless steel, but by chance a slightly different shape, and both now sat on an oak plinth, all designed to represent that the 2nd child shall be treated the same, and yet despite this, become different to the first.

with sincere thanks as always to the "Man on the Lathe"

The Ponderings of an Insomniac

"'s funny how people can leave your life but stay in your dreams...."